Heliox fast charges Volvo’s first all-electric buses in Luxembourg in cooperation with Volvo Buses and Sales Lentz

June 16, 2017 – Heliox has successfully delivered 3 Heliox Fast Charge Systems with OppCharge interface in the city of Differdange in Luxembourg. The electric buses run through the city center and are charged at end of route with 300kW. Charge systems are located at Gerlache Station in the city center and Am Mai at the hospital. Third charge system charges both previous delivered plug-in hybrids as well as the full electric buses of Volvo at Sales-Lentz’ depot.


Heliox: The rapid charging electric bus taking on air pollution

Monday, May 15, 2017 — Less than a decade ago electric cars were little more than a climate friendly pipedream, now the industry is taking off and it’s creating a diverse range of green enterprises. One such innovative business is Heliox, a Dutch SME that developed a fast charging battery solution and, in the process, created the business case for emission-free public transport..


Heliox receives order for 13MW Charge Infrastructure in Amsterdam - the world’s largest Opportunity and Depot charging network for 100 electric buses

May 30, 2017 – Heliox has received an order for a further 23 x 450kW Opportunity Charge System and 86 x FAST DC 30kW CCS bus chargers from Connexxion (Transdev), to power the largest single fleet of opportunity charged electric buses in the world. The order will include installation sites at Amsterdam Airport and Amsterdam/Amstelveen, the Netherlands to power 100 x VDL electric buses in total by 2018.


Heliox erhält Auftrag für 13 MW Ladeinfrastruktur in Amsterdam – das weltgrößte Gelegenheits- und Depotladenetzwerk für 100 Elektrobusse

Am 30. Mai 2017 erhielt Heliox in Best (NL) einen Auftrag von Connexxion (Transdev-Gruppe) über 23 x 450 kW Gelegenheitslader sowie 86 x DC 30 kW CCS Schnelladesysteme. Die Ladeinfrastruktur wird für die weltgrößte Flotte gelegenheitsladender Elektrobusse benötigt.


Volvo and Heliox inaugurate charging station for electric buses based on OppCharge

Best, The Netherlands, April 19, 2017 - Volvo Buses and Heliox have inaugurated a charging station for electric buses based on the common OppCharge interface. With OppCharge, electrified buses and charging stations from different manufacturers can be used together. The aim is to facilitate the introduction of electric bus systems in cities the world


How does it work? Charging electric buses in Eindhoven

Best, The Netherlands, December 11, 2016 - As of December 11th 2016, Hermes starts with full operation of an electric bus fleet of 43 buses in Southeast Brabant. This is the largest electric bus fleet at the moment in Europe.

The ultimate goal is to achieve "zero emission", for a clean and a sustainable living environment.


Infographic Heliox Eindhoven
How does it work

Heliox to fast charge Volvo emission-free electric buses in Luxembourg

Heliox Fast Charge Systems to power Sales-Lentz` new fleet of Volvo full electric buses, as the City of Differdange sees their green policy for sustainable mobility implemented.

Best, The Netherlands, October 27, 2016 – Heliox has received the order to supply and install three Heliox Fast Charge Systems with OppCharge open interface by Sales-Lentz.