Roof mounted pantograph

The ROOFMOUNTED pantograph interface offers a reliable connection with up to 600kW / 1000Adc. Without the fuss of sensors and wireless communication, the roof mounted pantograph is often chosen for its reliability & cost benefits. With opportunity charging, the infrastructure consists of fewer units and are distributed throughout the geographical area, hence minimising any additional load on the power grid.

All Heliox chargers are V2G-ready and have smart grid functionality. Heliox Power Curve Technology results in ultrashort charge sessions, that reduce the impact on the timetable to a minimum: within 2-5 minutes of opportunity charging at the end bus stops, you can optimize your electric bus operation.

Our advantages

Industry Highest 97% efficiency

Best performing Charge Efficiency

Urban environment design

Compact & silent Charge Mast design

Industry Best Performing Power Curve

Continuous Full Power at any given battery level (SoC)

Interoperability – CCS

ISO 15118 / DIN 70121 / IEC 61851/-23 & 24 for fast charging and communication

Grid Integrated 10/20kV/400Vac

Connect directly to 400V or 10/20 kV electricity grid

Power Solutions

150/300/450/600 kW

Fastest Connection / Largest docking area

Commence charging < 3 seconds.

Electric Bus Fast Charger Systems