Latest developments

Heliox fast charges Volvo’s first all-electric buses in Luxembourg in cooperation with Volvo Buses and Sales Lentz. 

Heliox has successfully delivered 3 Heliox Fast Charge Systems with OppCharge interface in the city of Differdange in Luxembourg. The electric buses run through the city center and are charged at end of route with 300kW. Charge systems are located at Gerlache Station in the city center and Am Mai at the hospital. Third charge system charges both previous delivered plug-in hybrids as well as the full electric buses of Volvo at Sales-Lentz’ depot.




HTNL Award Winner 2014: Heliox.  

In an exciting finale the audience voted Heliox as the winner of the  HTNL Award 2014. Amongst three nominees selected by High-Tech Industry (High Tech NL, NXP, Sorama, Techwatch, SystematIC, Sioux, FEI company), Heliox received the prize for the best innovation - created by collaboration - in the high tech.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for your enduring trust in our products and capabilities! We consider this award as part of your success as this innovation would not have been made without your support! 

In 2012, 2013 & 2016 Heliox has been honored with an FD Gazelle, a prestigious annual award for the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. For which we also like to thank our loyal customers. A great boost for our team to keep going strong in the future.



Thanks to its excellent R&D capabilities, Heliox is the right partner of choice to develop your customized power solutions. Our highly skilled R&D staff has many years of experience in a broad range of power supply architectures and converter topologies.

The development process is organized in a well structured way. From specification phase to design qualification and production, Heliox works in close cooperation with our customers to realize the optimal product.

Heliox is located in the Brainport Eindhoven Region, chosen in 2011 as the world’s smartest region. Located in this top technology region enables us to further develop our successful knowledge base and cooperation within the 'triple helix'.