Integrated charge solutions

Heliox has over 30 years of Professional Power Conversion experience and is active in the most demanding markets. We focus on flexible high-quality products with optimal TCO that are future-proof. You benefit from best possible energy costs and most efficient grid connection, with Industry’s Highest Charging Efficiency (97%) and Heliox ZERO Reactive Current Technology. Keep your electric bus operation running with Heliox.

A diversity of products to fit your charge strategy from a single bus to a total fleet. Whether your e-bus operation utilizes Opportunity charging, Depot charging or Smart fleet charging, reliable Charge Infrastructure is crucial in your operation as Public Transport Operator. Heliox chargers are created with durability, reliability and maintainability in mind, and serve your business case with +67% Faster Charge Power Curve Technology. And if that might not be enough, we support you with Charger care and Connected services.


Our solutions

Opportunity Charging

2-5 minutes rapid charging at turn-around locations.

Roof mounted pantograph

OPPCharge interface

Depot Charging

Single vehicle or small fleet charging up to 150kW, with CCS.

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Smart Fleet Charging

Leverage your Grid Power Capacity and TCO with an optimized Smart Fleet Charge system.

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Connected Services

Connect your charger for 24/7 remote monitoring, payment and third party services (CPO).

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Charger Care

Uptime is key. Remote monitoring, maintenance and pro-active service keeps your system running at industry’s unparalleled up-time.

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Vehicle Charge Control Unit (VCCU)

Buses are compatible with any CCS DC fast charging station and/or pantograph charge system with a VCCU. The VCCU is an Electric Bus Interface Module, that manages the communication between the EV and the charging station, according to both CCS and pantograph charging protocols ISO 15118 / DIN70121 / IEC61851. On-board of the vehicle, it ensures correct interfacing between the charger and the vehicles’ CANbus, controls the contactors to CCS/Pantograph and includes a wake-up function at plug-in.

Interface Module
VCCU can be used in the EV for interfacing between the charger and the vehicle. It controls the on board contactors to CCS and/or pantograph.

CCS FAST DC Chargers
The module charges with any CCS/MODE4 charge station, according to IEC 15118


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